The Shopping Experience

The JBiz Enterprise eStore for Retailers is a leader in online retailing and powers some of the more successful online businesses in Oceania. It handsomely meets requirements of successful retailers requiring robust handling of complex and variable ranges. The JBiz eStore literally shouts out “Let’s go Shopping!” with its strong marketing and promotions capabilities, and dynamic range management, and is able to do so in a fast and effective manner with configurable out-of-the-box functionality. JBiz offers a top tier solution which has proven integrations with leading ERP and POS solutions.


OMNI CHANNEL retailing is now fundamental to your success in this connected world. Retail is at a reset moment thanks to the disruption that the Internet, mobile phones, and social media are all bringing to the shopping experience. It means the entire supply chain — retailers, suppliers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) — has to become more efficient, competitive, and knowledgeable to be able attract and keep customers.

It’s what is called the omnichannel, and it’s changing everything about shopping.

The omnichannel covers the experience shoppers have with retailers through two or more ways — online, in the store, customer service, and even shipping. People expect to have the same experience in a store as they do when shopping online. The JBiz Business Software suite has a centralised data repository where all relevant data resides. This data is made available for every different expression or channel of your business. Simply put, JBiz is how you make it happen.

Built for scale

JBIZ E-COMMERCE is a cloud-based and provides all the tools a growing online retailer needs to succeed. JBiz was built around the demands and successes of online retailers such as The Sleep Store, Timberland, 1 Day, AvantiPlus, and others, where heavy requests are placed on the system with thousands of visitors onsite at the same time, all frenetically chasing time-sensitive, stock constrained offers!

The JBIZ eStore has all the tools you will require to take your retail store online or replatform your current online store to a system built with all the power and customisation necessary for you to expand. 

Market + Eco-System

where do we fit in?

JBIZ E-COMMERCE is best-suited for a growing businesses with between $2 – $200m in annual turnover. The E-Commerce technology market is in three distinct segments. Firstly, the small end of the market are those platforms that help small businesses get online easily. Once a business is established and growing, an online retailer must “replatform” (upgrade) to a system that can handle the customization, complexities and scale they require. The JBIZ eStore is right for those businesses who are experiencing high growth (or intend to) by offering an comprehensive e-commerce platform, without the price tag of enterprise software. We back this up with local support and knowledge.  


which part do we play?

The JBIZ eStore becomes the major hub of your e-commerce platform, and integrates seamlessly with Social Media, Analytics, ERP and Shipping. 

E-Commerce Platform

our three selling points

The JBIZ eStore stands on the results of 10 years in supporting some of New Zealand’s most successful online retailers. Simply put, here are the reasons why we are a great technology decision for you. 

1. JBIZ E-commerce is an all-in-one system 

2. The JBiz eStore has all the features you need

There are over 100 high-value features in the JBIZ eStore framework. These have been added continuously as the need for greater and greater sophistication grows to meet market needs. The result is you can have easy access to all of these in a very mature product at a price which won’t break the bank. Just ask. 

3. JBiz e-commerce integrates with other systems

JBIZ is built to play well with others and seamlessly integrates with your other IT systems to create a customised end-to-end solution.

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